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EPAM strives for continual innovation and improvement to ensure that the quality of its products and services outperform that of its competitors. We also aim to exceed our customers' expetations. Our customer services are committed to providing unparalleled quality, service, and sustainable operations. EPAM adheres to ISO 9001-2015 which establishes an effective quality assurance system for employees to follow and to continually improve upon.

IONEX Purifier

The special ion exchange fiber provides huge contact surface area to remove metal ions from water or solvents.


  • Excellent metal removal efficiency
  • Optional HDPE or PP structure
  • Optional cleanliness for faster system flushes up
  • Optional H or Na ionic form as exchange fiber


  • Purification of used chemicals for recycling or reuse
  • Remove heavy metals: Cu, Ni, Zn, Cd, Co, Sr, Mg, Cr, Fe, Pb..
  • Purification of Lithium salt solution
  • Remove trace metal from ultrapure water or chemicals

Halal-certified filter cartridges

EPAM filters are halal-certified by THIDA to supply the international Muslim community.

Filters Certified:

  • Pleated filter: Polyproplyene pleated filters, including Micro Clean, Micro Star, Ultra Clean, Ultra Star, Capsule Clean, Capsule Star, Max Flow, Max Pleated series
  • Antibacterial pleated filter: Including Micro Clean Antibacterial, Micro Star Antibacterial, Max Flow Antibacterial, Max Pleated Antibacterial series
  • Polyethersulfone(PES): Including Micro Panel, Ultra Panel, Micro PES, Capsule Panel series
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE): Including Micro Fluoro, Ultra Fluoro, Capsule Fluoro series


  • For filtration in food and beverage industries

Terepure CMP filters

The special graded-density nano fibers provides excellent retention of agglomerates, which are disruptive to the CMP process, and release the desired slurry to the process.


  • High particle holding capacity
  • Gradient nano Polypropylene fiber
  • Compatible with current manifold


  • Slurry filtration
  • Plating solution filtration
  • Inkjet inks filtration

Multinano Series filter

Multinano series are made of multiple layer of nano fiber with polypropylene structure.
Nano fiber provides superior flow rate, dirty holding capacity and excellent particle retention performance.


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer life time
  • Retention as good as PES filter
  • Affordable price

Antibacterial Filters

Patented nano-zinc fiber can destroy the metabolism of the cell to inhibit microorganisms in the water system.


  • Inhibits bacterial growth in filters extending lifespan
  • Control TOC in cleaning process to reduce defects
  • Integrated antibacterial and retention function


  • Pre-filters of RO in pure water or water reuse system
  • Cleaning process in TFT-LCD
  • Cooling water filtration


Filters for CMP, Wet etching, Lithography, Chemical, Cleaning 

Flat Panel Display

Filters for Cleaning, Color filter, Liquid crystal, Lithography, Wet etching


Filter for Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Medical, Drinking water

Terepure CMP

CMP Series

Graded density media design providing cost effective slurry filter solution for CMP 

Micro background

Micro Series

Standard pleated filter with different media choices for different applications

Ultra background

Ultra Series

Different media options designed for high flow rate above 100 LPM, for your filtering needs  

Extra background

Extra Series

Extra flow rate design can exceed 200 LPM with rating 0.05 to 70um for high flow rate applications

High flow background

High Flow Series

6″ diameter designed for super high flow rate demand with various filter media and configurations

Capsule background

Capsule Filter Series

Special design for small volume and point-of-use photo-chemical filtration

Filter background-1

Multinano Series

Alternative solutions for PES filters. Retention as good as PES, but lower energy consumption and affordable cost


Ionex Purifier Series

Ion exchange fiber provides high contact area to remove metal ions from water or solvents effectively.

All Fluoro Cartridges Series

All Fluoro is an  all fluoropolymer pleated filter for the filtration of aggressive fluids.


Inline Liquid Particle Monitoring System

One particle counter monitoring system for more than 10 inline channels. 24 hours to record particle status in your system.  

Starter kit

Aquarius Starter Kit

Start a new era of in-situ liquid SEM with resolution as high as 7 nm.


PFA Valve Series

PFA diaphragm valves are designed to handle high-purity chemicals


LINED Valve Series

Lined diaphragm valves for supplying high purity chemicals in SEMI & LCD.


PFA Fitting Series

Master Lock and pipe fittings are used to connect with CCSS & WET equipment.

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